Jury Improvement Lunches

The Civil Jury Project hosted Jury Improvement Lunches in Houston and Dallas on October 6 and October 27, respectively. This followed the successful launch of the first such lunch in Houston in May.  Over 100 lawyers,  20 judges and 10 jurors attended that lunch and in a survey taken afterwards, indicated the lunches should be continued every quarter.  The State and Federal judges in Houston and Dallas again extended lunch invitations to jurors who served in civil cases over previous months. The purpose of the lunches was to honor these jurors, as well as to learn from them how the justice system and jury duty can be improved based upon their recent first-hand experiences. We have concluded that any effort to save jury trials requires that we treat jury service as a privilege rather than a duty, and that we learn from those who have served, how lawyers and judges can improve the quality of civil dispute resolution by juries. Lawyers and judges were also invited to the lunches, and the lawyers who attended received continuing legal education credit. The next Houston Jury Improvement Lunch is scheduled for February 9th, 2017.