Potential Projects

As of: 11/10/2015 11:39:58 AM EST

  1. Replicate Kalven/Zeisel study published in 1966 on judge/jury agreement and whether it is impacted by any of the suggested innovations: juror notetaking, juror questions, interim discussion of evidence, substantive preliminary instructions, interim argument by counsel, time limits and back-to-back experts
  2. Survey clients of jury consultants as to reasons for decline of civil jury trials
  3. Establish website where former jurors can criticize or praise their experiences
  4. Organize monthly Juror Appreciation lunches
  5. Organize CLE program on jury trials for new judges with Federal Judicial Center
  6. Initiate a blog where Advisors and trial lawyers can discuss jury trials
  7. Maintain a national calendar of significant civil trials nearing verdict and interview jurors for testimonials
  8. Ask Judicial Advisors to share with us any questionnaires they have administered to jurors whom they have discharged
  9. Produce video for Jury Assembly Rooms
  10. Investigate whether prospective jurors can be given the choice to opt out of in-person voir dire and complete an online questionnaire instead, allowing the lawyers to research jurors online and exercise their pre-emptory and cause challenges without seeing or hearing the jurors
  11. Identify and study jurisdictions where jury trials are most plentiful
  12. Identify and study jurisdictions where yield for jury summons are very low and very high
  13. Enlist Chief Judges and Chief Justices to acquire data on how many cases are tried to verdict every year, by judge
  14. Prepare TED talk
  15. Expand on Judge Young’s list of jury verdicts that signaled an important development of law, as recorded on p. 100 of his Nexium opinion
  16. Prepare pattern jury instruction on how to conduct deliberations
  17. Investigate why courts have been so slow to adopt innovations suggested by ABA ten years ago
  18. Update research from Mark Lemley’s “Rush to Judgment?” paper and plan national conference on the role of juries in patent litigation for April 2016