Author: Michael Shammas

Some Tricks of the Trade from a Civil Trial Judge

By the Honorable Catherine Shaffer Though it surprises me to realize how much time has gone by, I became a Superior Court (general jurisdiction) judge in King County, Washington, twenty years ago, in 2000. Luckily for me, that was also the


By the Honorable Arthur E. Gamble, Judicial Advisor Civil justice requires jurors who are willing and able to render a fair verdict. Jurors must be able to sit for extended periods, to comprehend the evidence presented by the parties, and to

Rethinking Evidence of Subsequent Remedial Measures

By Prof. Bernard Chao, Academic Advisor to the Civil Jury Project Federal Rule of Evidence 407 and its many state counterparts prohibit plaintiffs from introducing evidence of subsequent remedial measures to show that the defendant is to blame. The rule is