Month: April 2020

What Online Jury Trials Could Look Like

By Richard Gabriel Federal and state courts in all 50 states have postponed jury trials and are struggling to try and maintain court functions and access to the justice system in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and public health concerns.

Seating a Civil Jury During a Pandemic

By the Honorable David Keenan, Judicial Advisor It’s early on a Monday morning.  You lost an hour’s sleep yesterday because of Daylight Saving Time.  Your city recently emerged from a record-breaking 30 days with rain in a single month and

Time Limits in Civil Jury Trials

By the Honorable Nathaniel Gorton, Judicial Advisor As a United States District Judge, I almost invariably impose time limitations on counsel in civil jury trials.  I find that such limitations benefit not only the jurors who are, of course, required

The Trial of Counting Trials

By Michael Elias Shammas, Research Fellow “It is clear that the number of jury trials declined in many, perhaps most, jurisdictions … over the last fifty years.”[1] As Professor Marc Galanter writes, this decline reflects a long-term phenomenon with roots