Resources provided by Judge Williams in King County (Washington)

1. The order that King County judges use regarding the jury trial proceeding remotely when the trial is carried out fully remotely: Findings-and-Order-Zoom-Jury-Trial revised January 2021 revised (003)

2. The pre-trial order that helps attorneys/parties get ready for a fully virtual trial: PTC Order – Zoom Jury Trial – FULL Version

3. The juror questionnaire template that King County judges employ when jury trials are conducted with voir dire carried out remotely and the trial itself carried out in person: Juror Questionnaire – Civil Ver – 1.06 b

4. A template for pre-empanelment instructions for when voir dire is conducted remotely: Pre-Empanelment Instructions

5. A template for opening instructions for trials that are conducted fully remotely. These instructions include both standard opening instructions, as well as instructions for the jury on how to participate in a remote trial: Alki Tours v. Verse – Opening Instructions to Jury ver 1.03

6. PowerPoint slides that accompany opening instructions for trials that are conducted fully remotely: Zoom Jury Trial Opening Presentation to Empaneled Jurors version 1.05

7. Four YouTube training videos for lawyers on how to conduct a remote trial from pre-trial to verdict. Each video is between 11 and 23 minutes long and covers a separate part of trial.

REMOTE JURY TRIALS:  From Pre-Trial to Verdict


Jury Selection:

Juror Trial Management:

Lawyer Considerations:

And here, also, is the King County (Washington) page with all four videos: